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DHS Rugby Team Information for 2018 Spring Competitive Season

-Athletic Medical forms:     **MOST IMPORTANT & REQUIRED**

DHS Coaches'Athletic Emergency Form and the Sports Participation Form (physical  current within 13 months) must be completed for each player every year to participate in sports at DHS. NOTE:  One sports participation form covers all sports. The Emergency Form however, must be completed for the coach of EACH sport in which the player participates.  Both completed forms are to be taken to the DHS health office for a nurse’s signature. The nurse will then keep the Sports Participation form (physical) and give the emergency form back to the player to be delivered to a coach. Forms found on the DHS website under ‘Athletics’: 

Questions to the DHS health office. 

-Impact concussion management:  ALL UNTESTED players should read and execute. (updated 2/21/17) 


*An Electronic Signature must be provided by both the parent/guardian and student through their respective portals

  1. Sign in to your Aspen portal account at .  If you do not have an Aspen family portal account, please go to to sign up for one.

-USA Rugby Registration    **REQUIRED** 

All players must register with USA Rugby to play. Failure to do so puts the team at risk of forfeiting matches if another team challenges our compliance  (cost is $30+ & now includes liability and secondary accident insurance). CT Union Dues of $8 are also payable on this site (automatically with USA registration).


Match jerseys & socks are provided. We will order more and have them available before the first match.  OTHER necessary equipment:  mouth guards, white shorts for matches, and cleats. Suppliers online:  

Closest store:  Soccer & Rugby Imports, 42 W. Putnam Ave, Greenwich, CT 06830 (203) 661-7622

-Club (& charity) Fundraising:  

it is expected that the players step forward to initiate fundraising ideas and execute them, using the Team Captains and the administrator as coordinators. Players can indicate interest in fundraising verbally, or by email. Recruitment is also an ongoing responsibility of the players.


the current website is This website is current and updated at least once a week during the spring season. Match schedule, volunteer schedule and social activities, plus announcements, are found on this website.   

-Match Fees:  

$10 per player applicable for home matches only. Coach McCarthy will be collecting match fees at the matches. Once our schedule is finalized we may make an adjustment based on the number of home matches/teams we are hosting & any results of fundraising we secure. 

-Game Jersey washing:  

Traditionally parents have volunteered to wash the team jerseys after each match, home or away. If you would like to help, please sign up once the match schedule is complete by sending an email to that effect to  Please mention any dates that DON’T suit.  

-Canceled Practice or Match: 

An email and a facebook notice are sent if there is enough time when the weather is bad, but the BEST way to check if the fields are closed is to look at the website. They also have a hotline phone number listed. Also, the DHS website, where a scrolling item alert saying all grass fields are closed (or click on ATHLETICS to be sure) is a good (but not as reliable) source. DO NOT HESITATE to call Coach McCarthy to confirm. We will be migrating to Teamsnap in the 2016 season for notices and darienhsrugby@gmail for emails.


We have been extremely lucky with the quality of photos taken at all the matches to date. The photos are sent to the newspapers and the DHS website, and are a huge help to our recruitment and publicity. Please email some match photos that you would like to share to, or contact Mary McCarthy to arrange other delivery. 

-Contact info:    

John McCarthy, head coach:   

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